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Tenuta Bricco San Giorgio develops thanks to Davide Laiolo’s passion for wine.
He inherited it from his grandfather Gino. Located in the heart of Monferrato, precisely in Vinchio, the company is specialized in the cultivation and vinification of Barbera grapes, from which two wines are produced: barbera d’asti and barbera d’asti superior.
Since he was a little boy, Davide followed his grandfather’s footsteps, helping him in the
cellar and in the vineyards. Then, at the age of 16 Davide suffers the untimely death of his grandfather. He keeps his granfather’s decision to produce only high quality wine.
Tenuta Bricco San Giorgio is 6 hectares of vineyards, all located in Vinchio.

Davide in vineyards

The vineyards, personally managed by Davide, have been accurately selected for the excellent characteristics of the soil and for their exposure and they have been planted
according to tradition, that is to say, perpendicular to the line of maximum slope.

Our grape

As the company aim is to produce high quality wine, every year special attention is given to the thinning of the grapes so to allow each grape cluster to get to perfect maturation.

Our vineyards

The vinification takes place in the modern winery of the company, surrounded by its

Piedmont is considered to be the land of great wines. Tradition and innovation seem to be the winning combination for the wines belonging to this vast and varied land. Vines and wines are a matter of culture, tradition and history in the Monferrato, so much so that they represent the land itself.

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